FIGHT CLUB 2 Promotional image. Art by me, colour by Dave Stewart.  I am the artist of the official comic book sequel to the original Fight Club novel. The comic is written by Chuck Palahniuk himself, and debuts in May of 2015 as a 10-issue limited series.  More details here.

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Batgirl Questions

If you have any questions about Batgirl, please go to and ask away! We’ll answer them there.


My Favorite Batgirl Fan Art

The response to the new Batgirl costume exceeds even my wildest expectations, and there’s no greater evidence of its popularity than the (literally) hundreds of pieces of fan art that have been generated in just a few short days.  Believe me when I say that I love every single one - if you have taken the time to draw a piece and post it, you have my enormous respect, admiration and gratitude. You’re all amazing.  You can see all of them (or as many as I can keep up with posting) over at

But I thought I would showcase the pieces that really caught my eye. It was so incredibly hard to narrow this list down.  In no particular order:

Mike Mitchell 

Simple but striking. Even better was his response on twitter when someone commented on the bloody nose - “You should have seen the other guy.” 

Mingjue Helen Chen

Just a beautiful piece that captures everything we want to express about the new Batgirl. Special mention for the terrific, hot colours and the perfect rendering of the boots.

Audra Furuichi

Love this simple, elegant drawing. 

Ron Chan

Ron’s painting of Batgirl and Spider-Gwen (beautifully designed by Robbi Rodriguez) comparing footwear made my day. 

Becky Cloonan

I’m biased because Becky is my friend and one of my favorite artists, but this quiet moment with Barbara is stunning.


Simple, beautiful curves and rich colours make this one a winner. 

Nate Villanueva

OUCH. Those boots are good for something.

Katya Bowser

Straight out of a Pixar “Art Of” book. 

Patrycja Cmak

Speaking of animation, this is a lovely little GIF. 

Caleb Thomas

Absolutely jaw-dropping. When she saw this Babs' response was “Welp, I quit.”

And finally: 

Sarah Hiraki

An absolutely pitch-perfect t-shirt design and one that I hope becomes official very soon. 

If you’re not on this list, I apologize, and once again, I love every single piece, please please keep them coming.  You all are incredible. 


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Just out of curiosity, is buying the comic digitally on Comixology also just as helpful? I buy all comics I can digitally when possible because I'm tight on space in my tiny condo. I want to support the book, though! Do those sales help in a meaningful way too?

YES - digital sales are counting more and more and there is a big, burgeoning audience who buy and read digitally. We love comic shops, and we want to make sure that comic shops know that our audience is there and ready to buy, but if you are in an area that has no convenient local comic retailer then buying on is still a great way to get the book. You can also subscribe on Comixology!

How do you feel about the response to the new Batgirl design? Just looking on Tumblr, I'm... Really impressed and amazed at how quickly everyone seems to have taken to it - You should be really pleased.

I am overwhelmed and ecstatic and grateful and vindicated. I couldn’t be happier with the tidal wave of support and sincere joy that’s come our way, the (literally) hundreds of pieces of fan art that are being breathlessly drawn faster than I can look at them, the cosplayers already choosing fabrics and causing yellow Dr Martens boots to sell out online. The huge response is a clear sign that despite our detractors we’ve really tapped into something that was waiting to explode. But all of this is for naught if everyone doesn’t actually *buy the book* - so I would really strongly urge everyone who loves the new Batgirl to PREORDER at your local comic shop. Tell them you want it, show your retailer the same excitement for Batgirl that you’ve shown us.

Thanks for all the love, it is returned to you in full.


Fan-arting my own character in my own way. Personal work, 2014

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